The end of the year is a busy time in our workshop. We present another project made for our client. Prosecco van made on the basis of the smaller Piaggio Ape 50 model. The body color is a cream shade from the RAL palette, very popular in our projects and often chosen by customers. In addition, we painted some of the plastic elements in a dark gold color. The combination of both colors fits perfectly and makes an amazing effect. We have performed a full mechanical service of Piaggio Ape, thanks to which you can confidently move it. We have sewed new leather upholstery, in brown, matching the color of the golden accessories. The prosecco bar, basic, 1-sided, has been equipped with 2 golden taps. Under the table top we made an additional shelf for glasses. We illuminated the whole thing with LED lighting in a warm color. As always, below are some photos showing the end result of our hard work.